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New release of RailsInstaller - V4.0.1

The latest version of RailsInstaller 4.0.1, is now available.

Key improvements in this release include:

  • Ruby 3.1.3
  • Rails 7.0.4
  • devkit msys64
  • pre-configured SQLite

Please note the following requirements before upgrading to ensure a smooth installation process:

64bit version only

  1. Download and install Git.

  2. Download and install Nodejs.

  3. Download and install Yarn.

Thank you for your support, and I hope this new release helps you.


RailsInstaller V4 released!

We are excited to announce the first alpha release of RailsInstaller V4, fully updated to the latest versions of Rails and Ruby, with a pre-configured SQLite database.

  • Ruby 3.1.2
  • Rails 7.0.4
  • devkit msys64
  • pre-configured SQLite

Please note that this release is only available for the 64-bit version, and you will need to download and install git, node, and yarn before installing RailsInstaller.

If you encounter any issues, please open an issue on GitHub. We welcome your feedback and look forward to continuing to improve RailsInstaller.